Ed Gibson shares investing knowledge at Lunch & Learn


Normally Ed Gibson acts as host of our Lunch & Learn events, bringing in other experienced investors and experts to educate KREIA members on an aspect of the real estate business. On January 12, Ed stepped behind the microphone and talked about his own experience as a longtime investor.

From flipping to wholesaling to buying and holding, Ed has done it all, and he's been doing it for decades. For about an hour, Ed answered questions and talked about how he has reached success as an investor.

He described strategies new investors can use starting out in today's market. He explained how his rent multiplier of 1.75 kept the banks from calling loans due on his rentals back in 2008. He talked about ways to negotiate with HOAs that don't like rentals in the neighborhood.

KREIA members logged into their account can click here to watch Ed's presentation now.

How to Log on to KREIA's Zoom Calls and Workshops


We use Zoom's conferencing software to host our virtual workshops and livestreamed meetings.

Follow these instructions to attend our virtual meetings on Zoom.

IMPORTANT THING #1: You must have previously registered for the virtual event at kreia.com.

IMPORTANT THING #2: You need to know your Zoom password in order to be able to log in to our Zoom meetings. If you have forgotten your Zoom password, please go to https://zoom.us/ and reset it. If you don't have a free Zoom account already, please go to https://zoom.us/ and create one. (Click the "Sign Up, It's Free" button. And remember the password!)

You'll also probably need the free Zoom client software if you haven't already installed it. (If you've been on a Zoom call before, you probably already have it installed.) To download the software, click the Resources link at the top of the Zoom page (https://zoom.us/) and select the "Download Zoom Client" option. It's free and fast to install. Or install it via the app store on your mobile device.

With your Zoom password ready, and having pre-registered for the event, here is how to log int

KREIA Member Jacqueline Smith Featured on BiggerPockets Real Estate Rookie Podcast


Back in December KREIA member Jacqueline Smith was invited to appear on BiggerPocket's new Real Estate Rookie Podcast, Show No. 43. Check out the interview!

You'll recognize Jacqueline from her L.O.T.S. house tour on Sept. 29. (KREIA members who are logged in can watch that L.O.T.S. video replay here.) You might have also seen her as a featured guest on one of Rob Bergeron's "See You at Noon" Zoom calls. (Watch Rob's replay on YouTube.)

And you'll see her again this month on a KREIA Zoom call — Jacqueline is one of the panelists taking part in our "Road Map to Real Estate Wealth" main meeting and Saturday Workshop. She'll be talking about her experiences getting started as a rehabber.

Amended Fair Housing Ordinance Goes Into Effect March 1


The Louisville Metro Council has voted in a new ordinance that adds four new protected classes for housing that landlords need to be aware of. It goes into effect on March 1, 2021.

According to a city press release:

"Louisville’s ordinances currently provide for non-discriminatory housing practices for protected classes such as race, color, religion, national origin, familial status, disability, sex, gender identity and sexual orientation. The new ordinance, sponsored by Councilwoman Jessica Green (D-1), adds, to the protections the ordinance currently provides protection against discrimination based on:

  • A person's homeless status
  • Prior military service
  • Criminal history
  • Source of income such as child support, foster care subsidies, income derived from social security, grants, pension or any form of federal, state or local public assistance or housing assistance

Attorney Michelle Rawn has provided us with the 11-page ordinance in a PDF document. Click here to view or download the document.

Leap Day Retreat Brings 9+ Hours of Real Estate Instruction


On February 29, 2020, about two weeks before COVID-19 shut down our large gatherings, KREIA held a full day of workshops at cabins on Taylorsville Lake. It was a deep dive into landlording, wholesaling, flipping — and more. Beginning investors and advanced investors alike found a lot to learn. Active KREIA members who are logged in can watch videos from the event now.

You'll find out things like...

  • Why turning in your taxes in October instead of April may help you avoid an audit. (Thanks, Joe Hampton!)
  • Why Roth IRAs are better than standard IRAs in helping you build wealth. (Thanks, Chris McCarty!)
  • Ways to entice your tenants to stay forever (or close enough to it!), helping you avoid costly turnover expenses. (Thanks, Dennis Erhard!)
  • How to use LLCs and land trusts to better protect your assets and your privacy. (Thanks, Harry Borders!)

We know you'll find must-implement nuggets of wisdom from these 7 workshop videos. Click here to watch now.

Five investors reveal how to build a rental portfolio


Five successful Louisville real estate investors — George Foree, Donnie Adkins, Chiquita Lindsay, Kisha Lindsay and Marcus Britton — share stories of how they have changed their lives by owning real estate and building a portfolio of rental properties.

Get their tips on how to put the power of passive income in your life too! If you want to be a real estate investor — and especially if you want to be a real estate investor in Louisville, Kentucky — you need to listen to these five.

Brought to you by the Kentuckiana Real Estate Investors Association and emceed by investor Hampton Scurlock.

Recorded December 10, 2020, from a special KREIA Zoom online meeting.

Please note that this is the public version of the video. KREIA members who want to see the version with 40 added minutes of open-mic networking can watch that by clicking here.

Five Investors Share Tips in Home Ownership Workshop


Home Ownershop WorkshopHampton Scurlock, an investor on KREIA's board, invited five other successful Louisville real estate investors — George Foree, Donnie Adkins, Chiquita Lindsay, Kisha Lindsay and Marcus Britton — to share stories of how they have changed their lives by owning real estate and building a portfolio of rental properties.

Get their tips on how to put the power of passive income in your life too! These panelists cover how they got started buying houses and offer tips on how to prosper within the Section 8 program — and offer more valuable experience as well.

Recorded December 10, 2020, from a special KREIA Zoom online meeting.

KREIA members logged into their accounts can click here to watch the video now.

Please note that this is the full video of the event, including the 40 minutes of open-mic networking that happened after the event "officially" ended.

There is also a public version of the video, posted on YouTube, that is embedded in a separate blog post.

National REIA's Video Conference Call from November 20, 2020


The video is posted from November's National Real Estate Investors Association COVID-19 update.

Charles Tassell, NREIA's COO and Director of Legislative Affairs, looked at economic indicators, home ownership stats, and foreclosures. He also gave an update on what's going on in government regarding real estate. And he offered up lessons from the 2020 elections and explained why gridlock is good for investors.

Ryan Solomon of Get Covered talked about the benefits of requiring tenants to purchase renter's insurance. He also touched on guaranteed rent policies, small business insurance and security deposit replacement programs.

November 2020 Full Meeting Replay: Holiday Party


KREIA Holiday PartyWe had to take our party online, but it was festive. KREIA board members shared lessons learned -- from buying houses with unseen issues to getting burned by contractors. The Ed Melton Award recipient was named, and we raised a ton of money for the Home of the Innocents.

And folks won some great prizes! Party Man Frank Miller donned elf headgear to give away gift cards, a new GoPro camera, and several stays at vacation cottages.

In all there is more than 3 hours of fun, fellowship, real estate instruction -- and prizes! Watch this members-only video.