'See You at Noon' from 3/30: Wholesaling


Get some fresh wholesaling tips! KREIA's Rob Bergeron hosts a discussion on wholesaling with Louisville wholesaler Wesley Branch (half of Brothers Buy Houses) and Lexington wholesaler Rick Boyd. Wesley and Rick talk about how to talk with motivated sellers, and they share some of their favorite podcasts. Watch all the previous "See You at Noon" videos over on KREIA's YouTube Channel. 

National REIA's Video Conference Call from March 27, 2020


National REIA has made available its second video conference call addressing the coronavirus pandemic and how it affects real estate investors. 

Click this link to watch the replay of the March 27, 2020 video conference call, which is about an hour and 20 minutes in length.

Guest panelists for this video conference were National REIA CFO Charles Tassel and attorney Jeff Greenber of Greenberg and Brewer LLP. Topics discussed included evictions and tenant assistance.

MM Lending Matches Funds for the Home of the Innocents


Because we didn't have a March main meeting this month at Woodhaven, we didn't have an opportunity to hold our usual raffle to raise funds for the Home of the Innocents. Mike Fallot, from KREIA's Platinum Sponsor MM Lending, would like to rectify that. Mike has issued this challenge:

"MM Lending will match dollar for dollar, up to $500, for contributions by KREIA members to HOTI, thru 4/22/20. Hopefully we can raise at least $1,000 to continue to support HOTI."

Thank you, Mike! Come on, KREIA, let's make this happen! To take Mike up on this generous offer, send a check made out to Home of the Innocents to KREIA's snail mail address: P.O. Box 91225, Louisville, KY 40291.

What the 'Families First Coronavirus Response Act' Means for Realtors and Investors


U.S. House SealOn March 18 the "Families First Coronavirus Response Act" (H.R. 6201) was signed. It's the government's plan to provide emergency funding relief stemming from loss of jobs and income related to the COVID-19 coronaviris outbreak.

What does it mean for business owners trying to make payroll? For tenants paying rent? For landlords paying mortgages? And how do these things change if the properties involved are backed by Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac or the HUD?

At this webpage, the National Association of Realtors has distilled and summarized the 110-page bill to arrive at answers. The NAR has also prepared some PDF documents to help us digest the information:

Also see:


'See You at Noon' from 3/25: Dennis Erhard and Michelle Rawn join Rob Bergeron


Rob Bergeron holds a conference call with real estate attorney Michelle Rawn and KREIA Past President Dennis Erhard to discuss questions landlords are having in these uncertain times:

  • What's going on with the courts?
  • Can evictions still be filed?
  • Are closings still going on as usual?
  • How can I help tenants find assistance and relief?
  • Is this a good time to buy new properties?

And they also talk about why to never let a tenant trade work for rent.

Remember, you can catch up with all the "See You at Noon" videos, along with all our other freely available videos, at KREIA's YouTube Channel.

Urgent Need for N95 Masks in Louisville for Health Workers


We heard from MM Lending's Mike Fallot that University of Louisville Hospital needs N95 construction masks. They are running out of health-grade masks, with no resupply. New legislation now allows healthcare workers to use the industrial-grade N95 mask.

Please check your supplies and inventory for N95 masks. If you can donate, please text Mike at 502-396-7371.

COVID-19 Updates for Investors from National REIA


If you're looking for a central repository of news for real estate investors concerned about government response to the coronavirus pandemic, check out this COVID-19 web page from National REIA.

National REIA is tracking eviction rulings around the United States along with tax relief efforts. On the COVID-19 page you'll also find communications from the HUD and downloadable resources from the CDC and the EPA.

They're also compiling articles and updates. Here are some recent examples:

  • Fed cuts rate to zero as COVID-19 weighs on markets
  • Info for multifamily properties or for rental owners with employees
  • COVID-19 preparedness for apartment firms