Landlords: How to Find Deals NOW!

Looking for success in buy-and-hold investing, whether you're a longtime landlord or just starting out? KREIA's Sept. 28 main meeting is for you! Dennis Erhard and investor Alisha Higgs from Investor Squad are presenting. Register now!

The real estate market is constantly changing, and 2023 is no exception. Dennis and Alisha will equip you with the knowledge and strategies to not just survive but thrive in these shifting tides.

They're going to show you...

  • Practical, Real-Life Success Examples: Ever felt like the deals you see in books and seminars are just out of reach? We're here to shatter that myth. Learn from a real-life deal, the "Meadowlawn Deal," which ANYONE can find and close successfully in 2023.
  • How to Unlock Your Creative Genius: In times of market turmoil, the most creative minds find the golden opportunities. We'll show you how to think outside the box, get creative with financing, and turn market chaos into your personal playground of potential.
  • How to Adapt and Conquer: Discover how to adapt your strategies to fit the changing market conditions. Whether interest rates skyrocket or inventory piles up, we've got you covered with multiple game plans.
  • And more!

Your journey to financial freedom starts here!

Early Meeting: Having trouble getting the loans you need? Or the lowest rates? Get tips on how to fix your credit from Julia King of King Financial Repair.

Meeting Agenda

5 p.m. – Doors open at Woodhaven
5:30 p.m. – Early Meeting on credit repair with Julia King of King Financial Repair
6 p.m. – Member Orientation with Jordan Pohn 
6:15 p.m. – The buffet line opens! Also, at the microphone, there will be announcements, property pitches and sponsor pitches
7 p.m. – Feature presentation with Dennis Erhard and Alisha Higgs

Remember Your Lanyard!

If you've been to a KREIA main meeting lately, you've probably picked up one or more color-coded lanyards that identify what kind of investor you are. Please remember to bring your lanyards with you to our main meetings!

Color Key Reminder: Blue = Buy-and-Hold Investor; Orange = Flipper; Yellow = Real Estate Agent; Red = Wholesaler; Green = New Member; Purple = KREIA Sponsor; Black = Board Member 

Crash-Course Workshop in Buy-and-Hold Investing

Saturday WorkshopWhat's your end goal in real estate? If it's to live off passive income (or mostly passive income) generated by owning investment property, and you plan to own that property in the Kentuckiana area, there's a KREIA live workshop happening on September 30th that you need to be part of. Register now! Here's why you'll want to...

The team behind Investor Squad -- Dennis Erhard, Alisha Higgs and Paige Battcher -- is bringing an expanded team to a Saturday workshop that will Blow. Your. Mind.

What you'll learn here can put you on the path to financial freedom!

You know DENNIS ERHARD as a KREIA Past President and a prolific landlord who's built an impressive portfolio featuring high ROI -- as well as management systems that allow him to live a life of both financial and time freedom.

And there's ALISHA HIGGS, a student of Dennis' who has come into her own as an investor -- having built a 1.7-million-dollar rental portfolio (in less than four years!) while maintaining a 9-5 job

And PAIGE BATTCHER is a business coach and marketing wiz whose brain you need to pick.

They're going to share what they know with you, and they're bringing in folks that cover the gamut from funding, to entity formation, to creative deal structuring, to real estate law and more....

• MICHELLE RAWN — a real estate attorney, practicing in Kentucky and Southern Indiana, who is known as a specialist on Fair Housing, landlord/tenant law, lease authoring, evictions, and collections. She's the principal of the Rawn Law Firm PLLC.

• HARRY BORDERS — a real estate attorney known for closing any kind of deal you can structure (and he'll even help you structure it), from traditional bank-financed, to owner-financed, to lease/option and more. And he's a many-doored landlord himself! He's one of the Borders in Borders & Borders, PLC.

• JORDAN POHN — a hard money lender with SurePoint Equity who can give you an up-to-the-minute look at what's working for other investors flipping -- and BRRRRing -- in the Kentuckiana area.

• DEREK BOTTOMS — a creative real estate investor who's become a local authority on the strategy of subject-to. Can you really buy rental houses with no money down? Or little money down? Derek will share his experience.

• RENEE BUSTER — a paralegal with Borders & Borders and a skip tracer with her own company, My REI Secret Weapon. Besides having the skills to help you track down sellers, she's also an authority on entities you'll want to run your investing business out of.

This is a can't-miss event, and you owe it to yourself to be in the room.

If you have questions about how to be a successful landlord in Kentuckiana, here's where they get answered. Join us!

Miss a KREIA Main Meeting? All of 2022 Is on Replay...

KREIA Videos PageAll of our 2022 KREIA main meetings are available for you to watch online on our Members-Only Videos page. ALSO, you'll find video from all the L.O.T.S. (Learning On The Site), Lunch & Learn and Tool Tip events from the year.

That's more than 50 hours of real estate education you can only get from KREIA! Here are just some of the highlights...

  • How do BRRRR deals work? Dennis Erhard walks us through the math in his Lunch & Learn.
  • Does the changing market mean short sales are coming back? Get tips from short sales, foreclosure and auction experts.
  • What are 1031 Exchanges, and how can they accelerate your portfolio's growth? Find out from Joe Hampton, Harry Borders & Eric Shadowens.
  • What kinds of real estate investments can you make in your IRA? Find out in Chris McCarty's Lunch & Learn.
  • Can you BRRRR your way into profitable Airbnb deals? Yes, you can! Brett Grigsby tells us how he did it in his L.O.T.S. event.
  • Want advice on Section 8 from someone who makes it work smoothly for him? Check out Marcus Britton's Lunch & Learn.
  • How do you make an Airbnb short-term rental stand out? Find out from Rob Bergeron.
  • Louisville Building Inspector Amanda Jessee talks about how best to work with city government and code enforcement.
  • Want free probate leads? Tamara West walks you through the County Clerk's website and shows you how to mine it.
  • Want to hear how one investor used her IRA to make $40k profit on a flip? Mary Conrad walks us through the deal in her L.O.T.S. event.
  • What can and can't you do with evictions post-moratorium? Attorneys Michelle Rawn and John Benz tell you.
  • Is it possible to manage Airbnbs in vacation destinations from your Louisville home base? Frank & Tommi Miller share their experience.
  • What's the right way to calculate interest on a hard money loan? Jordan Pohn goes to the whiteboard in his Lunch & Learn.
  • What's coming in 2023? Erik Hitzelberger, John Mays & Jay Bowman forecast the new year's real estate market and share their investing plans.

Visit our members-only Videos Page to hear about all this AND MORE!

And if you're not already a KREIA member, you're really missing out. Join here and you'll not only have access to all these videos from 2022 but also from 2021 and 2020. This is priceless education and an insider's look at our local real estate market that you won't get anywhere else!

Taylorsville Lake Retreat 2022 Workshop Replays

Taylorsville Lake RetreatBack in February, KREIA held an evening and full day of workshops at cabins on Taylorsville Lake. It was a 14-hour deep dive into many aspects of investing, featuring more than a dozen local pro investors. Watch now to take in these 11 classes. (You need to be signed into the site as an active member to gain access.)

Investors at every level will gain something by watching. And if you're a brand new investor? You really need to watch! Not only will you get some fundamental information, but you'll also hear the local angle you'll only find through KREIA.

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