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Landlording On AutoPilot System


Brand New for This New Real Estate Market & Economy!

Complete Landlording Business Makeover!

State of the Art - NEXT Generation Landlording!

Saves You More Money, Makes You More Money!

Saves Your Time and Makes Your Life Easier!

The Only NEW Generation Complete Landlording System!

Take A Look At This System!

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Landlording On AutoPilot System 110 page Manual $497 value

From the 159 point Rent Ready Checklist and Move In Photo Process to the final settlement after your tenant moves out, along with collections.

Office Operations, Policies and Procedures, Employee Handbook, Filing and Record Systems, Repairs and Work Orders, Safety and Security, Marketing for buying, selling, renting, Evictions, late charges, problem tenants, slow pay and no pays, avoid big mistakes of landlords and property managers.

Marketing strategies on a zero dollar budget to get results. From business cards to websites, you get it all.

Power phrases to use and not use in your real estate business.

Your Landlording On AutoPilot System Manual will make your life easier, save you time, and make your real estate business more profitable!

Two weeks of rent is a bargain for this information you will use for the rest of your landlording career!



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Landlording On AutoPilot Book - 256 pages Reg. $24.95

The Go To Training Manual for thousands of landlords and property managers.

This book is jammed packed with real world strategies and solutions from my graduation from the "School of Hard Knocks." It's one thing to rattle off a bunch of ideas and tips, but seldom do you get the real story of WHY IS THIS SO POWERFUL.

Mike shares his painful and expensive real world seminars to save you from the hidden pitfalls you will experience without this insider information for landlords.

Published by John Wiley & Sons, you will find this book in bookstores all over the world and online.

Mike's book continues to inspire thousands by giving you the confidence, knowledge, and strategies to safely acquire rental properties in your plen in achieving true financial freedom.




1st Boatload of FORMS ($1 per page) $133 value

- 133 Pages of Forms in a Spiral Bound Book

- Easy to use Table of Content to Find Your Forms Fast

- Index in back for Alphabetical Listing of Forms

- spiral bound book makes it easy to copy fast when you need it!

- Rent Ready and Application Process FORMS

- New Tenant Forms Package of Forms

- Active Tenant Forms

- plus all of your forms are on your Boatload of Forms CD!



2nd Boatload of FORMS ($1 per page) $110 value

- 110 more pages Rounds Out Your 253 Pages of Forms!

- Easy to use Table of Content to Find Your Forms Fast

- Index in back for Alphabetical Listing of Forms

- spiral bound book makes it easy to copy fast when you need it!

- Policy and Procedure FORMS

- Maintenance, Insurance, Repair, Contractor Forms

- Advertising and Marketing Forms

- Move Out Process and Package of Forms

- plus all of your forms are on your Boatload of Forms CD!




The RENT TALK DVD System $297 value
with 11 minute DVD to show every new tenant before you give them keys to your rental property. This is your New Tenant Orientation Video. PLUS you get a short video showing you and your staff exactly how to use the Rent Talk Forms for your new tenant to date and initial each step in your new tenant process.

The Rent Talk DVD is saving landlords hundreds and thousands in preventable repairs, maintenance, and tenant turnover costs.

Invest 2 weeks Rent from one rental unit for this powerful Tenant Orientation Training DVD you will use for many years to come!

  • Brand New! Rent Talk FAST START Video (11 minute) Shows You Exactly How to Use This System. Your Fast Start Video allows you to Delegate This Entire Process to your trusted staff person. It is Awesome. (The Fast Start Video in not shown on the list above.)
  • New and UPDATED! 38 Page Rent Talk Pages for Your Own Flip Chart in PDF format are on your Fast Start CD. Simply print the pages and insert in any 3 ring binder as a "Plan B" should your DVD player not work.
  • FAST START CHART is Your Cheat Sheet to Make Sure All Is In Order for the Very Important First Meeting with New Resident.
  • Welcome Checklist For Your New Resident. Place this Freindly One Page Sheet on a clipboard for your new resident to check off and initial each step in your process.
  • POWERFUL Office Checklist Form for your use to ensure you have dotted all of your I's and crossed all of your T's when placing a new resident into your investment property.
  • Rent Talk DVD - "Let's Have a Little Rent Talk DVD System" 11 minute DVD - is a short, power packed video to introduce each new resident to your program and real estate business.
  • MEMBER REWARDS PROGRAM is a great way to help you keep great tenants. Just imagine a tenant who:
    • Pays On Time or Early EVERY MONTH
    • NEVER has any Lease Violations...
    • sounds like you are imagining your dreamboat tenant
    • REWARD THEM...
    • When they do this consistently for 36 months they will earn a free month rent, but only when they sign up for another 36 month lease!
    • BOTTOM Line is simple. Would you give up one month rent to keep a great tenant for 6 years or more? Absolutely Yes!
    • The ALL STAR MEMBER REWARDS PROGRAM is based on Mr. Landlord's All Star Resident Program from years past! Thanks Jeffery!





7 Secrets to Get Over 100% of Your Rents! $197 value

This 21 minute video gives you the 7 Secrets along with the reasons "Why" each is so powerful.

Several extra secrets are shared on how to keep great tenants for decades!

Each step is simple and is not complicated.

Each step is explained in detail exactly how to use each secret properly along with the mistakes and pitfalls that occur when you do not use them in the right manner.

Invest $97 for a clear, concise, training dvd to get you and your team pointed in the right direction immediately.

No hemming or hawwing. Powerful and Proven Secrets You Can Put Into Action Now!




How To Screen Tenants in 15 Minutes or Less! $197 value

and NEVER Disqualify Another Applicant Again!

Did you know you can disqualify a person for being "dirty?" (provided you have this on your application)

Pay very close attention to 17 minute video.

Use it to train yourself, your office manager and more!

Includes one of the most powerful secrets to look into the future and see your rental property condition in 6 months!

What kind of price or investment would you put on having a "Turn Key" Rental Application Processing System.

Simple, effective, and legal!






On Demand Videos

- 19.5 hours with Mike! at $50.00 hr $975 value!

(your plumber and electrician charge more per hour!)

- On this DVD you find folders for each step or process in the life cycle of a new tenant

- Rent Ready and Application

- Application Processing

- New Tenant Procedures from A to Z

- Office Operations, Maintenance, Repairs, Insurance

- Contractors, Employees, Tax Time,

- Fair Housing Training

- Marketing, Advertising,

- Phone Scripts for Answering Machines

- Scripts for your office.

- Move Out Process

- Collections

- There's not enough room to list 19.5 hrs of videos!





BOATLOAD OF FORMS CD - 253 Forms ($1.00 page) $253 value!

- 253 Forms

- Most are in Microsoft WORD and PDF for easy editing and customizing for your company information.

- 22 page rental agreement

- Payment Plan Forms

- Move In Inspection Forms and Package

- Move Out Package of Forms

- 159 Point Rent Ready and Photo Checklist

- Work Orders, Repairs, and Independent Contractor Agreements

- Employee HandBook

- Marketing and too much to list!

- NEVER Before Has There Been Such A Complete System for Today's Landlord and Property Manager!





Real World Total Package Value:

Reg. $2,683.95

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