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Road Map to Real Estate Wealth

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Are you new and wondering how to get started in rental property? Are you already an experienced investor but need a "tune-up"? Four powerhouse investors are here to show the way!

Thursday, January 26, 2023 5:30 PM - 9:00 PM
Woodhaven Country Club
7200 Woodhaven Lane Louisville, KY 40291

Illustration by Nina Musgrave

Are you just starting out in real estate? Have you wondered how so many people you meet in KREIA have amassed sizable rental portfolios and reached financial freedom? Some within just a few years' time?

There is a general path to follow to reach buy-and-hold success, and you can follow it too. Along the way there are stops where you pick up the knowledge and resources you need to move forward: creating your business structure, learning how to use leverage, building your team (lenders, attorneys, real estate agents, contractors, insurance agents, etc.), and understanding the nuts and bolts of being a housing provider.

On Thursday, January 26, KREIA is bringing you four investors who have walked the path and are going to share what they know with you. If you're just starting in real estate, you need to be in the room, because they're going to give you the road map.

KREIA has invited Harry Borders, Chris McCarty, Erik Hitzelberger and Dennis Erhard to headline our first main meeting of 2023!

Already found success in investing? This meeting is for you too, because it's an opportunity to learn from four longtime, powerhouse investors. Ask them how they've overcome challenges you're facing now. Network with them. Quiz them on their systems -- let their experience help you meet your benchmarks and reach your goals.

Chris McCartyChris McCarty

Chris is an entrepreneur, a hard money lender, a private money lender, an expert on investing within retirement accounts, and a many-doored landlord. He's also a KREIA Past President twice over.

Chris will show you how you can get started in real estate even if you don't have a big bank account: how you can use OPM ("Other People's Money") to start small, yet build an enviable rental portfolio.

Anyone who has been around KREIA a while and has spent even a few minutes in conversation with him knows that Chris is passionate about seeing everyone succeed. If you're having trouble getting started, finding motivation or taking action, you need to touch base with Chris.

On main meeting night, Chris is going to be everyone's motivational coach.

Harry BordersHarry Borders

You probably know Harry Borders as one of the most prolific closing attorneys in the area. He also helps new investors create entities best suited for real estate businesses. Should you work out of an LLC, an S-Corp, a C-Corp? And what are trusts for, anyway? Harry will fill you in.

Harry is a great believer that real estate is a team sport, and he will describe who you should have on your team.

Also, Harry is a landlord with lots of rentals. Think about it: If an active attorney can find time to build a rental portfolio "on the side," wouldn't you jump at the opportunity to learn from him?

ErikHitzelbergerErik Hitzelberger

A systems-driven rehabber, landlord and entrepreneur with a background in engineering, and also KREIA's current President, Erik Hitzelberger will show why real estate makes sense for wealth building. Math may be involved!

Holding rental property is vital to achieving real wealth, we all know, but what roles do wholesaling and rehabbing play? How passive or active a real estate investor do you want to be? How much wealth do you need or want? Figuring out these things will help you define your goals, and Erik will offer insight.

Dennis ErhardDennis Erhard

Dennis is a landlord, contractor, and KREIA Past President. He's known for saying, "Hey, I'm just a dumb guy."

Sure, Dennis -- like a fox! Any investor would be smart to pick his brain, study his systems, and find out how Dennis negotiates deals and keeps longtime tenants. In fact, one of Dennis's mentoring students joined KREIA a little over three years ago and in that time has acquired 12 rental properties.

Dennis is also known for saying, "I'm all about the ROI." If you watch his recent Lunch & Learn presentation through KREIA's Videos page, you'll see how he calculates Return on Investment -- and how you can too in evaluating potential deals.

EARLY MEETING: Longtime investor and wholesaler Hampton Scurlock is going to teach the basics of wholesaling -- finding great deals, putting them under contract, and then marketing them to flippers and other landlords.

Meeting Agenda

5 p.m. – Doors open at Woodhaven
5:30 p.m. – Early Meeting: Hampton Scurlock presents "Wholesaling 101"
6 p.m. – Member Orientation with Dennis Erhard and Brooke Newby in the conference room
6:15 p.m. – The buffet line opens! Also, at the microphone, there will be announcements, property pitches and sponsor pitches
7 p.m. – Our 4 presenters take the floor

Remember Your Lanyard!

If you've been to a KREIA main meeting lately, you've probably picked up one or more color-coded lanyards that identify what kind of investor you are. Please remember to bring your lanyards with you to our main meetings!

Color Key Reminder: Blue = Buy-and-Hold Investor; Orange = Flipper; Yellow = Real Estate Agent; Red = Wholesaler; Green = New Member; Purple = KREIA Sponsor; Black = Board Member 

There Will Be a Workshop!

We're following up Thursday's main meeting with a full-day workshop on Saturday, January 28. Our four presenters will be returning and will have much more time to settle into and cover their topics -- and you'll have more time to get all your questions answered. Especially the ones that occur to you only after the main meeting. Lunch will be provided. This will be a fantastic event for you whether you're a new investor or an old hand. The networking opportunity alone is priceless. Check it out!



Date:  Thursday, January 26, 2023
Time:  5:30 PM - 9:00 PM

Woodhaven Country Club
7200 Woodhaven Lane
Louisville, KY 40291

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