Taylorsville Lake Retreat 2022 Workshop Replays


Taylorsville Lake RetreatBack in February, KREIA held an evening and full day of workshops at cabins on Taylorsville Lake. It was a 14-hour deep dive into many aspects of investing, featuring more than a dozen local pro investors. Watch now to take in these 11 classes. (You need to be signed into the site as an active member to gain access.)

Investors at every level will gain something by watching. And if you're a brand new investor? You really need to watch! Not only will you get some fundamental information, but you'll also hear the local angle you'll only find through KREIA.

KREIA Past President and Landlording on Autopilot author Mike Butler kicked off the event on Friday evening, Feb. 25th. He polled the crowd for the questions they wanted answered most, then proceeded to answer them. "How do I analyze buy & hold deals?" "How do I find them?" "How do I transition into full-time investing?" And more.

First out of the gate on Saturday morning in the pool house was attorney Harry Borders, from Borders & Borders, who talked about how land trusts, LLCs and insurance work together to provide privacy and protection for your properties.

Over in the cabin, investing brothers Andrew and Aaron Schlag talked about how they use creative financing — including no-money-down owner financing and subject-to strategies — to buy and sell on lease option.

Next, an all-star panel of expert investors gathered in the pool house to answer investors' questions, from basic to advanced. Members heard from Harry Borders, Sharon Vornholt, Andrew & Aaron Schlag, Mike Butler (KREIA Past President), Dennis Erhard (KREIA Past President), and Frank Miller (KREIA Past President).

Then Renee Buster, a paralegal with Borders & Borders, and also a skip tracer through her own company, walked us through how to set up Limited Liability Companies to hold our rental properties.

Next, KREIA Past President Frank Miller presented on the topic "Scaling Your Business With Flipping & the BRRRR Method." He walked us through the math and also showed how he saves on materials and supplies — 16% at Menard's and 20% at Lowe's.

Then marketing / branding / wholesaling / probate expert Sharon Vornholt gave us an overview on how to find and work with probate leads, covering the types of mailings to send and how to talk with executors.

Back in the pool house, Airbnb expert hosts Fredie Robinson, Luke Neubauer and Brett Grigsby contrasted short-term rentals to long-term, explained how they financed their STRs, and shared lots of nuts-and-bolts management tips.

Over in the cabin for the women in investing panel, five successful investors — Sharon Vornholt, Alexis Fentress, Alisha Higgs, Jaqueline Smith and Stacey Duvall — shared their successes and challenges in flipping houses and holding rental property.

Four high-energy wholesalers — Joe Worth, Rick Boyd, Wesley Branch and Jacob Michal — wowed the crowd in the pool house with marketing tips and some of the lead sources they use to bring in 5-figure paydays.

Last, but definitely not least, KREIA Past President and 1031 Exchange Expert Joe Hampton explained how to trade up in properties and defer taxes — avoiding capital gains — when you sell one investment property to buy another.

That's the lineup, and it's impressive! And we did stress enough that this is local education? Real estate is hyper-local, and you can't do better than learning from these folks who've figured out how to invest and reach financial freedom in our very own market here in Kentuckiana. If haven't already clicked to check out these workshops, do it now!

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