Online Workshop Download Amnesty Days…


The most recent Download Amnesty Day window happened Monday, May 15th

Did you pay for an online, Zoom-based Saturday workshop a while back, but when you went to download your documents and video replay later from the event page, you found them missing?

Fear not! The files from these KREIA/RMG (Real Estate Mastermind Group) workshops aren't really missing — they've just been packed in cold storage by our web host, who makes a 6-month sweep to save space. The host does allow us to "revive" resources older than 6 months for a 24-hour window.

And we do that occasionally in what are called “Download Amnesty Days.” Watch your email for announcements on when they happen.

But if you’ve discovered you’re missing a workshop and would like us to bump up our schedule on holding an “amnesty day,” please let us know by sending email to

When we announce an amnesty day, we’re opening up that 24-hour window, and we’ll let you know when it closes.

How to Fetch Your Workshop Documents & Video

Log into your account at during the amnesty window, go to the event pages for those workshops you purchased, scroll down to the bottom of the pages, and click the download links to claim your documents and replay.

How do you find those event pages if you don't have links at hand? There are two easy ways to do that:

1. Call up the event page by clicking the Calendar Link on the main menu:

Go back in time, month by month, until you see the date your Saturday event took place. Click on its link. (Yes, the link will appear to be "struck through" — that just means that the event is in the past — but the link still works.)


2. Can't remember which workshops you bought? Find them in your Dashboard:

In KREIA's menu, go to My Account / My Dashboard, then scroll down until you see the menu option "Events Attended," then activate it. (You're marked as attended even if you didn't attend the event in realtime on Zoom.)

Scroll the list of events, and click the Select link next to the ones you "attended" (aka "purchased") to be taken to their event pages.

IMPORTANT, IMPORTANT, IMPORTANT! Most of these workshops have a video player allowing you to watch the replay while on the event page. But those video players will go away too within 24 hours.

What you need to do is download the video file to your hard drive or device so you'll have it forever. The link to get the video is inside one of the downloadable documents, which is named something obvious, like VideoDownloadLink.docx, for example. Just open the document in Microsoft Word (or a Word-compatible app) and click the link, or CTRL-Click it, to start the download.

Don’t have Microsoft Word? No need to pay big bucks to buy a copy when you can download and use a free workalike, such as OpenOffice or LibreOffice — or even load the doc into Google Docs (a free online, Word-compatible word processor). If you’ve got Gmail, you’ve also got Google Docs..

Please ensure that you download your workshop videos and documents as soon as they are made available to you we'll let you know via email. That way you won't need to wait for "Download Amnesty Days"!


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