National REIA Now 1st Quarter Bulletin for 2024


National REIA's 1st Quarter UpdateNational REIA's Legislative Update for the first quarter of 2024 takes a look at a recent Harvard study that "has determined that rental markets are cooling after overheating for the last couple years. That the price increases have made more housing unaffordable, since wages didn’t go up as quickly. Which also means more people are being made homeless or in need of more rental assistance. Also, water is wet."

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Other items in the Legislative Update include an overview of the housing market, property tax abatement, and water heater rules.

In the Benefits Update portion of this bulletin, National REIA takes a look at Home Depot. We at KREIA, along with National REIA, want to ensure you are taking advantage of your Home Depot Pro Xtra savings and rebates! Active rehabbers in our group have received thousands back from Home Depot! It's paid for their KREIA memberships many times over. Not only do you receive a 2% biannual rebate and volume pricing from Home Depot, but you also get 20% savings on interior paints, exterior paints, primers and stains. Read the update for more info!

There's also a look at REIAssure and its SES Master Policy for Small Multifamily Dwellings and SES Landlord Insurance Program. "The SES Master Policy for Small Multifamily Dwellings safeguards your entire residential portfolio under one policy. It’s custom built to protect investors with portfolios comprised of residential rental properties and small multifamily dwellings."

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