Miss a KREIA Main Meeting? All of 2022 Is on Replay...


KREIA Videos PageAll of our 2022 KREIA main meetings are available for you to watch online on our Members-Only Videos page. ALSO, you'll find video from all the L.O.T.S. (Learning On The Site), Lunch & Learn and Tool Tip events from the year.

That's more than 50 hours of real estate education you can only get from KREIA! Here are just some of the highlights...

  • How do BRRRR deals work? Dennis Erhard walks us through the math in his Lunch & Learn.
  • Does the changing market mean short sales are coming back? Get tips from short sales, foreclosure and auction experts.
  • What are 1031 Exchanges, and how can they accelerate your portfolio's growth? Find out from Joe Hampton, Harry Borders & Eric Shadowens.
  • What kinds of real estate investments can you make in your IRA? Find out in Chris McCarty's Lunch & Learn.
  • Can you BRRRR your way into profitable Airbnb deals? Yes, you can! Brett Grigsby tells us how he did it in his L.O.T.S. event.
  • Want advice on Section 8 from someone who makes it work smoothly for him? Check out Marcus Britton's Lunch & Learn.
  • How do you make an Airbnb short-term rental stand out? Find out from Rob Bergeron.
  • Louisville Building Inspector Amanda Jessee talks about how best to work with city government and code enforcement.
  • Want free probate leads? Tamara West walks you through the County Clerk's website and shows you how to mine it.
  • Want to hear how one investor used her IRA to make $40k profit on a flip? Mary Conrad walks us through the deal in her L.O.T.S. event.
  • What can and can't you do with evictions post-moratorium? Attorneys Michelle Rawn and John Benz tell you.
  • Is it possible to manage Airbnbs in vacation destinations from your Louisville home base? Frank & Tommi Miller share their experience.
  • What's the right way to calculate interest on a hard money loan? Jordan Pohn goes to the whiteboard in his Lunch & Learn.
  • What's coming in 2023? Erik Hitzelberger, John Mays & Jay Bowman forecast next year's real estate market and share their investing plans.
  • And of course all 11 workshops from this year's KREIATREAT — February's KREIA Educational Retreat at Taylorsville Lake.

Visit our members-only Videos Page to hear about all this AND MORE!

And if you're not already a KREIA member, you're really missing out. Join here and you'll not only have access to all these videos from 2022 but also from 2021 and 2020. This is priceless education and an insider's look at our local real estate market that you won't get anywhere else!

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