Michelle Rawn Explains the New Protected Class Ordinance


Michelle Rawn's New Protected Classes video replayOn a January 21st Zoom call, attorney Michelle Rawn described the four new protected classes covered in Louisville Metro Council's Ordinance No. 146, which goes into full effect on March 1, 2021.

 If you're a landlord or property manager — or you work in any aspect of real estate where you're buying and selling property in Jefferson County — you need to hear Michelle's breakdown of the ordinance.

In her online workshop, Michelle explained the ordinance in detail, giving area investors a thorough understanding of potential tenants now under the umbrella of the new protected classes: homeless people, those currently in the military or who have been, people with felony convictions, and people who seek to qualify using various sources of income (including Section 8). Michelle spent more than an hour answering questions and clarifying points for investors.

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