MM Lending Matches Funds for the Home of the Innocents


Because we didn't have a March main meeting this month at Woodhaven, we didn't have an opportunity to hold our usual raffle to raise funds for the Home of the Innocents. Mike Fallot, from KREIA's Platinum Sponsor MM Lending, would like to rectify that. Mike has issued this challenge:

"MM Lending will match dollar for dollar, up to $500, for contributions by KREIA members to HOTI, thru 4/22/20. Hopefully we can raise at least $1,000 to continue to support HOTI."

Thank you, Mike! Come on, KREIA, let's make this happen! To take Mike up on this generous offer, send a check made out to Home of the Innocents to KREIA's snail mail address: P.O. Box 91225, Louisville, KY 40291.

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