Leap Day Retreat Brings 9+ Hours of Real Estate Instruction


On February 29, 2020, about two weeks before COVID-19 shut down our large gatherings, KREIA held a full day of workshops at cabins on Taylorsville Lake. It was a deep dive into landlording, wholesaling, flipping — and more. Beginning investors and advanced investors alike found a lot to learn. Active KREIA members who are logged in can watch videos from the event now.

You'll find out things like...

  • Why turning in your taxes in October instead of April may help you avoid an audit. (Thanks, Joe Hampton!)
  • Why Roth IRAs are better than standard IRAs in helping you build wealth. (Thanks, Chris McCarty!)
  • Ways to entice your tenants to stay forever (or close enough to it!), helping you avoid costly turnover expenses. (Thanks, Dennis Erhard!)
  • How to use LLCs and land trusts to better protect your assets and your privacy. (Thanks, Harry Borders!)

We know you'll find must-implement nuggets of wisdom from these 7 workshop videos. Click here to watch now.

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