KREIA members: Rent Perfect helps you screen tenants


RentPerfectIf screening tenants is something you could use help with, look into Rent Perfect.

This is how it works. The company, a National REIA affiliate, sends a potential tenant an online application he or she can fill out using a phone, tablet or computer. Then you are given access to a report that shows you these things about your prospect:

  • Criminal record (if any)
  • Past evictions (if any)
  • Credit history
  • Government watchlist info
  • Sex offender registry info

All you have to do kick off this process is send Rent Perfect the prospect's email address. (Rent Perfect keeps the $35 application fee.)

Besides the immediate report you receive, you'll also get the benefit of Rent Perfect's private investigators looking into realtime data for jurisdictions that don't show up on instant reports.

If you'd like to take your relationship with Rent Perfect further, you can also let the company shoulder more of the process for you: sending prospects a state-specific lease that can be signed electronically, collecting rent payments over the Internet, and helping you get set up with insurance.

As a KREIA member (and through KREIA's affiliation with National REIA), you receive a discounted setup fee -- normally $9.95, it's only 95 cents for you.

When you visit their website, you can fill out a quick form to receive an emailed copy of the book "Steer Clear of Your Next Eviction: A Guide for Rental Property Owners." In the book, company president David Pickron writes about common mistakes made during the application process, warns of costly red flags and offers money-saving tips to help you avoid having to evict your tenants.

Rent Perfect was formerly known as ISC, Investigative Screening and Consulting.


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