KREIA Member Jacqueline Smith Featured on BiggerPockets Real Estate Rookie Podcast


Back in December KREIA member Jacqueline Smith was invited to appear on BiggerPocket's new Real Estate Rookie Podcast, Show No. 43. Check out the interview!

You'll recognize Jacqueline from her L.O.T.S. house tour on Sept. 29. (KREIA members who are logged in can watch that L.O.T.S. video replay here.) You might have also seen her as a featured guest on one of Rob Bergeron's "See You at Noon" Zoom calls. (Watch Rob's replay on YouTube.)

And you'll see her again this month on a KREIA Zoom call — Jacqueline is one of the panelists taking part in our "Road Map to Real Estate Wealth" main meeting and Saturday Workshop. She'll be talking about her experiences getting started as a rehabber.

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