How to Log on to KREIA's Zoom Calls and Workshops


We use Zoom's conferencing software to host our virtual workshops and livestreamed meetings.

Follow these instructions to attend our virtual meetings on Zoom.

IMPORTANT THING #1: You must have previously registered for the virtual event at

IMPORTANT THING #2: You need to know your Zoom password in order to be able to log in to our Zoom meetings. If you have forgotten your Zoom password, please go to and reset it. If you don't have a free Zoom account already, please go to and create one. (Click the "Sign Up, It's Free" button. And remember the password!)

You'll also probably need the free Zoom client software if you haven't already installed it. (If you've been on a Zoom call before, you probably already have it installed.) To download the software, click the Resources link at the top of the Zoom page ( and select the "Download Zoom Client" option. It's free and fast to install. Or install it via the app store on your mobile device.

With your Zoom password ready, and having pre-registered for the event, here is how to log into a KREIA Zoom call (best a few minutes before the posted meeting start time):

1. Log into your account and go to the event's registration page. (For our March 12th Tool Tip Tuesday with Tamara West  Zoom call, here's that event registration page.)

2. Look for the link to the Zoom webinar — It's near the bottom right of the event page under the words "You Pre-Registered for this Event" — and then click the link.

3. This takes you to Zoom's Meeting Registration page. Fill in the fields for your name and email address, then click the big Register button. (Note that if it's nearly time for the event to start, the button will say "Join Meeting in Progress.")

4. At the Registration Approval page, where it says "Please click this URL to join," click the link.

5. If you've installed the Zoom software, you'll see a pop-up dialog window asking if you want to "Open Zoom Meetings." Click the button to enter the meeting using the Zoom software. Alternatively, if you haven't installed the software, you can click a button called "Launch Meeting" to enter the meeting using your browser. (But we recommend using Zoom's software.)

6. Now you'll most likely be prompted with a dialog window saying "Sign in to Join." Click that button, and be ready with the email address you used to join Zoom, along your Zoom password.

Congratulations! You're headed toward the meeting. We look forward to seeing you!

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