Five investors reveal how to build a rental portfolio


Five successful Louisville real estate investors — George Foree, Donnie Adkins, Chiquita Lindsay, Kisha Lindsay and Marcus Britton — share stories of how they have changed their lives by owning real estate and building a portfolio of rental properties.

Get their tips on how to put the power of passive income in your life too! If you want to be a real estate investor — and especially if you want to be a real estate investor in Louisville, Kentucky — you need to listen to these five.

Brought to you by the Kentuckiana Real Estate Investors Association and emceed by investor Hampton Scurlock.

Recorded December 10, 2020, from a special KREIA Zoom online meeting.

Please note that this is the public version of the video. KREIA members who want to see the version with 40 added minutes of open-mic networking can watch that by clicking here.

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