Five Investors Share Tips in Home Ownership Workshop


Home Ownershop WorkshopHampton Scurlock, an investor on KREIA's board, invited five other successful Louisville real estate investors — George Foree, Donnie Adkins, Chiquita Lindsay, Kisha Lindsay and Marcus Britton — to share stories of how they have changed their lives by owning real estate and building a portfolio of rental properties.

Get their tips on how to put the power of passive income in your life too! These panelists cover how they got started buying houses and offer tips on how to prosper within the Section 8 program — and offer more valuable experience as well.

Recorded December 10, 2020, from a special KREIA Zoom online meeting.

KREIA members logged into their accounts can click here to watch the video now.

Please note that this is the full video of the event, including the 40 minutes of open-mic networking that happened after the event "officially" ended.

There is also a public version of the video, posted on YouTube, that is embedded in a separate blog post.

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