Catch April's KREIA Main Meeting Livestream Replay


Did you miss attending KREIA's first-ever virtual meeting? Watch the raw livestream replay of our "State of Kentuckiana Real Estate" meeting, which is housed over on our public Facebook page. Thanks to Immediate Past President Eric George for making the livestream happen.

During this meeting the seven presenters -- Michelle Rawn, Rob Bergeron, Erik Hitzelberger, Jordan Pohn, Hampton Scurlock, Frank Miller and Luke Neubauer -- delivered a ton of great information pertaining to just about every facet of local real estate investing during the time of COVID-19. If you're a landlord or rehabber wondering how to proceed during the pandemic, these presentations may offer insight. 

Watch the meeting livestream replay now. An edited YouTube version will be coming later, and we'll get you that link when it's ready.

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