August 2020 Main Meeting Replay


Were you unable to attend KREIA's August 27th main meeting, "Foundations of Finance"? Catch up with a recording of the live video stream, saved over in our Facebook members-only group.

In our main presentation, Erik Hitzelberger taught us what they didn't teach us in school: how to manage money and create for ourselves a well-funded retirement -- and how to use real estate to do it.

In attorney Michelle Rawn's Legislative Update, she describes the brand-new rule on the 30-day notice required for filing evictions during COVID -- Kentucky landlords can no longer send 7-day letters. Nor can they charge late fees.

This recording does not include our Member Orientation presentation with Jordan Pohn and Stacey Duvall or KREIA President Chris McCarty's Early Meeting on how to invest in real estate using your IRA. We will update you when those segments are available for viewing, and you will definitely want to see them.

But this recording does include Chris's tribute to former KREIA President Hank Schildknecht, who passed away earlier in the week. Hank was a great friend to KREIA, and we will miss him dearly.

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