April 2021 Full Meeting Replay: Rehabbing for Investors


Rehabbing for InvestorsStacey Duvall, Wendy Kays and Jacqueline Smith team up to give us perspectives on rehabbing. All three women are successful rehabbers, and they each approach it from a slightly different angle.

Stacey is a broker, agent, housing provider, interior designer and Airbnb owner who rehabs to hold. In this meeting she gives us an overview of rehabbing and talks about where to source deals.

Wendy is VP of operations at MM Lending, so she works closely with rehabbers who get funding from her company. Wendy is also a rehabber and housing provider on her own. She covers what to expect when you approach lenders for funding on your own projects.

Jacqueline Smith, as a project manager for turnkey rental company Freedom Property Group, juggles multiple rehab projects at a time. In this meeting she shows us some of the tools she uses to manage those rehabs. She also fixes and flips her own properties and is building a rental portfolio.

In the early meeting, Rob Bergeron of The Louisville Network talks about how wholesalers can offload some of the administrative work to his company. Rob, also a real estate agent, analyzes our current market. For the member orientation segment, Stacey and Jordan Pohn describe the advantages of joining KREIA.

In all you'll find 2½ hours of real estate instruction, real estate talk and Q&A. Watch this members-only video. (You'll need to be logged in as an active KREIA member to see it.)

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