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See You at Noon 7-24-2020: Jay Bowman


Rob Bergeron interviews Jay Bowman, the Louisville investor and broker behind flat-fee listing company 60 Day Realty.

Jay talks about Louisville neighborhoods in transition, consumer debt during COVID, Airbnbs in "driveable cities" like Louisville, how single-family homes are appreciating beyond what we'd consider affordable housing, and why he thinks investors ought to look at counties surrounding Louisville.

Ideas for Rehabbing With Accessibility in Mind


AccessibilityDuring KREIA's July 2020 virtual main meeting, Hope Leet Dittmeier of Mattingly Edge talked about the need for housing for people with physical and intellectual disabilities. She said that if the housing includes accessibility features, that's even better.

Hope described a Universal Design Toolkit document laying out levels of universal design — which takes into account the needs of everyone in the design and construction of housing. Considering that 26% of adults in the United States experience some sort of disability, according to this document, it's something we real estate investors should take into consideration as we build and remodel houses. And let's not forget that, as we age, many of us may one day be included in this segment of the population.

Universal design concerns the needs of people of all sizes, physical abilities and concentration levels. It addresses such things as no-step entrances, first-floor bathrooms (with grab bars), doorways wide enough to accommodate wheelchairs, lowered kitchen countertops, raised electrical outlets, and more.

Are you interested in incorporating accessibility features in your rehabs? Check out a copy of the Universal Design Toolkit document Hope emailed us — view the PDF here.

July 2020 Main Meeting Replay


KREIA's July main meetingDid you miss KREIA's July 23rd main meeting, "Financially Free, Thanks to Rentals"? Catch up with a recording of the live video stream, saved over in our Facebook members-only group. 

Three successful Louisville investors share their stories of how they've used passive income from rental properties to live life on their own terms. And they offer tips and info to help you do that too! Hear from George Foree, Greg Shell and Christina George.

This recording also includes a member orientation presentation from Jordan Pohn and Stacey Duvall, the early meeting with Hope Dittmeier of Mattingly Edge, and a legislative update during COVID-19 with attorney Michelle Rawn.

National REIA's Video Conference Call from June 19, 2020


National REIA Zoom Call on YouTubeThe video is up from July 17's National Real Estate Investors Association COVID update, which covers relief packages and other COVID-related implications for the real estate industry. There is also a discussion of the "Commercial Apocalypse" and innovative ideas on how to rezone and turn empty commercial real estate space into residential. Watch the replay on YouTube.

May 2020 Main Meeting Replay


Here's the members-only video replay of the May 28th main meeting — KREIA's second virtual main meeting: "12 Strategies for Finding Off-Market Deals," with Sharon Vornholt.

Sharon is a local expert on marketing and branding, and she has a national following. She has amassed a ton of educational material for investors on her website, The Louisville Gals' Real Estate Blog, and she interviews other real estate investing and marketing experts on her podcast, "Let's Talk Real Estate Investing."

In our May meeting, Sharon shows us how to find deals off the MLS, explains why probate leads are her favorite, and offers tips on how to create a marketing plan to keep your lead pipe full.

This edited video replay includes the early meeting slideshow, advertiser pitches and property pitches.

KREIA's 2020 Election Results


Parliamentarian Michelle Rawn announced these results from KREIA's election, which concluded at 7 p.m. on June 25th, during our main meeting on rehabbing:

Officers. Chris McCarty President; John Jones Vice President; Erik Hitzelberger Secretary; Mike Grinnan Treasurer; Wally Kallbreier Treasurer Elect.

Board members. 2 year board members: Lauren Willoughby; George Foree; Rob Bergeron; Jordan Pohn; Stacey Duvall; and Christopher Jaquith; 1 year board member Alexis Fentress

A Message From KREIA President Chris McCarty


Dear KREIA Members and Friends,

Please excuse the silence up to this point in regard to the current state of civil unrest in our city and nation. Like many, I haven't known what to do, but as a leader, I must speak out.

The latest racist events in our country and even here in Louisville have left me heartbroken, confused and angry yet again. The senseless killings of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and Ahmaud Arbery have reminded us all of the inequality and injustice in this country and this city. It is frightening and unacceptable that these inequalities have persisted for so long. It's time for change.

Let me be clear: KREIA doesn't tolerate racism or violence against Black people, and we demand inclusivity in all areas including Real Estate Investing. While I don't have all the answers right now, I am committed to being part of the long-term solution to combat the negative effects of systematic racism within our circle of impact here at KREIA.

While there will be much more action to come, we will begin by:

  • Creating a series of programs to educate, raise awareness and break the patterns of systematic racism in Metro Louisville Real Estate
  • Updating our Bylaws to include a strong statement of inclusivity and intolerance to racism and discrimination of any kind
  • Initiating a Scholarship fund to pay membership fees for first year minority Real Estate Investors as we help promote inclusivity in the organization
  • Forming an advisory committee to help the KREIA Board to better understand how KREIA can be a better resource in dismantling systematic racism in Louisville Metro Real Estate
  • Educate and inform our members of the history and practices of segregation and redlining of neighborhoods that have caused the geographic separation of races in our city adding to the challenges we continue to struggle with today.

I and the KREIA Board of Directors stand ready to accept your call, criticism or help to assure KREIA remains equally accessible to all members with their real estate investing and financial goals.