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Online Workshop Download Amnesty Days…


The most recent Download Amnesty Day window happened Monday, May 15th

Did you pay for an online, Zoom-based Saturday workshop a while back, but when you went to download your documents and video replay later from the event page, you found them missing?

Fear not! The files from these KREIA/RMG (Real Estate Mastermind Group) workshops aren't really missing — they've just been packed in cold storage by our web host, who makes a 6-month sweep to save space. The host does allow us to "revive" resources older than 6 months for a 24-hour window.

And we do that occasionally in what are called “Download Amnesty Days.” Watch your email for announcements on when they happen.

But if you’ve discovered you’re missing a workshop and would like us to bump up our schedule on holding an “amnesty day,” please let us know by sending email to

When we announce an amnesty day, we’re opening up that 24-hour window, and we’ll let you know when it closes.

How to Fetch Your Workshop Documents & Video

Log into your account at during the amnesty window, go to the event pages for those workshops you purchased, scroll down to th

National REIA Now 1st Quarter Bulletin for 2023


National REIA NowNational REIA's Legislative Update for the first quarter of 2023 takes a look at the Renter's Bill of Rights. "The roll out is just the beginning of a push by low-income housing advocates to nationalize housing through the regulatory process. The effort puts forth five principles that are guiding this federal takeover...."

Click to download the update or read it online.

In the Benefits Update portion of this bulletin, National REIA takes a look at Millennial Specialty Insurance (formerly Arcana), which offers "unique, intelligently designed insurance coverage for today’s real estate investors."

Also get an update on your benefits from National REIA by being a member of KREIA.

Miss a KREIA Main Meeting? All of 2022 Is on Replay...


KREIA Videos PageAll of our 2022 KREIA main meetings are available for you to watch online on our Members-Only Videos page. ALSO, you'll find video from all the L.O.T.S. (Learning On The Site), Lunch & Learn and Tool Tip events from the year.

That's more than 50 hours of real estate education you can only get from KREIA! Here are just some of the highlights...

  • How do BRRRR deals work? Dennis Erhard walks us through the math in his Lunch & Learn.
  • Does the changing market mean short sales are coming back? Get tips from short sales, foreclosure and auction experts.
  • What are 1031 Exchanges, and how can they accelerate your portfolio's growth? Find out from Joe Hampton, Harry Borders & Eric Shadowens.
  • What kinds of real estate investments can you make in your IRA? Find out in Chris McCarty's Lunch & Learn.
  • Can you BRRRR your way into profitable Airbnb deals? Yes, you can! Brett Grigsby tells us how he did it in his L.O.T.S. event.
  • Want advice on Section 8 from someone who makes it work

Taylorsville Lake Retreat 2022 Workshop Replays


Taylorsville Lake RetreatBack in February, KREIA held an evening and full day of workshops at cabins on Taylorsville Lake. It was a 14-hour deep dive into many aspects of investing, featuring more than a dozen local pro investors. Watch now to take in these 11 classes. (You need to be signed into the site as an active member to gain access.)

Investors at every level will gain something by watching. And if you're a brand new investor? You really need to watch! Not only will you get some fundamental information, but you'll also hear the local angle you'll only find through KREIA.

KREIA Past President and Landlording on Autopilot author Mike Butler kicked off the event on Friday evening, Feb. 25th. He polled the crowd for the questions they wanted answered most, then proceeded to answer them. "How do I analyze buy & hold deals?" "How do I find them?" "How do I transition into full-time investing?" And more.


National REIA Now 4th Quarter Bulletin for 2022


NREIA Now 4th Quarter BulletinNational REIA's Legislative Update for the fourth quarter of 2022 takes a look at the Midterm Elections, Federally Mandated 30-Day notice, manufactured housing and Orange County, Florida's, rent control appeal. Click to download the update or read it online.

In the Benefits Update portion of this bulletin, National REIA takes a look at affiliates FedEx Advantage Program (as part of National REIA's Partner Ship), Home Depot (with ProXtra savings), and OdorXit.

By enrolling in their FedEx Advantage program, NREIA members can save big on FedEx Express and FedEx Ground without sacrificing confidence, consistency, or customer support. After enrolling, they’ll analyze the pricing on your FedEx account and if your current discounts are better, they'll let you know, and you can stay on that pricing, You'll get up to 45% savings on Express service and 25% on Ground and Home.

As a member of National REIA, you are entitled to take up to 20% off interior

National REIA Now 3rd Quarter Bulletin for 2022


NREIA Now Q3National REIA's Legislative Update for the third quarter of 2022 takes a look at the Inflation Reduction Act, HUD's Bridging the Wealth Gap Initiative and the reported 87,000 new agents the IRS is bringing onboard. (More audits coming?) Click to download the update or read it online.

In the Benefits Update portion of this bulletin, National REIA takes a look at affiliates RentPerfect and ODP Business Solutions (formerly Office Depot).

With Rent Perfect’s smartphone app (iOS and Android) you can send application invites to prospective tenants and view credit & background reports all from the convenience of your phone. You simply send an application invite link through Rent Perfect's App to an applicant's email address. Then, the recipient completes an online application on their mobile device or computer, they pay the fee and you get instant access to their credit report with a score and an instant criminal report

ODP Business Solutions offers savings with up to 55% off retail on office supply, cleaning & breakroom items. In addition, they offer significant savings on copies & printing as well as free next business day shipping on orders of $50 or more! Get 20% off branded ink and toner.

Mayoral Candidates Greenberg (D) & Dieruf (R) Address KREIA Crowd in Oct. 27 Meeting


The Kentuckiana Real Estate Investors Association invited Louisville Mayoral candidates Craig Greenberg (D) and Bill Dieruf (R) to discuss their platforms and offer possible solutions to investors and developers in doing business and working to find solutions to the city's housing problems.

Both candidates commiserated with investors regarding government delays and red tape each had personally experienced in trying to move their own projects forward.

The candidates spoke at the beginning of KREIA's Oct. 27th main meeting ("2023 Real Estate & Economic Forecast") at Woodhaven Country Club, less than two weeks before the Nov. 8 election would decide which man would lead Louisville.

National REIA Now 2nd Quarter Bulletin for 2022


National REIA Now Q2 bulletinNational REIA's Legislative Update for the second quarter of 2022 brings grim warnings related to inflation, COVID-19, oil demand and pricing, the Russian-Ukraine war, and food shortages. But it also encourages us investors to flex our creativity and ingenuity to keep the real estate market strong. Click to download the update or read it online.

In the Benefits Update portion of this bulletin, National REIA takes a look at affiliates Arcana Insurance Services and REIPro. Arcana offers insurance products specifically designed for real estate investors and tenants. REIPro is an all-in-one online software package that helps investors source, track, market and profit from property leads.

National REIA Now 1st Quarter Bulletin for 2022


National REIA NowNational REIA's Legislative Update for the first quarter of 2022 warns of coming changes in inflations and interest rates and advises, "Please make sure your business model is prepared for the ensuing financial headwinds. The Fed is signaling a rate increase in March of 2022, with a 'couple more' for the remainder of the year." Click to download the update or read it online.

In the HUD Update portion of their bulletin, they report that the HUD "has significantly increased funding for testers and fair housing violations – please make sure your business
is up to date on ALL fair housing requirements." If you have an opportunity to take a Fair Housing class, it would be a good idea to take it.

In this issue National REIA also spotlights the REIAsure Insurance Group, which "provides a Rent Guarantee Program that offers job loss and disability protection to keep people in their homes." And also, "Their automated, simplified platform helps ensure participating commercial or residential clients purchase and maintain their insurance.."

National REIA also reminds us of a new offer from Equity Trust that includes the digital download of a best-selling book on managing your self-directed IRA.

Watch October 2021's Beginning Investors Workshop


Erik Hitzelberger and John Mays at Spirit of Love CenterIf you missed the workshop held Saturday, Oct. 30, when KREIA teamed up with NAREB and Master Builder's Academy at the Spirit of Love Center, you can watch it now on KREIA's Public Facebook Page!

You'll learn about how you can flip houses using other people's money — which results in a "no-money down" deal for you! You'll learn about how to use rental property to become financially free!

KREIA President Erik Hitzelberger, along with KREIA board member John Mays, kicked things off at the workshop. Other speakers who shared their knowledge included:

Many thanks to Pastors Derek & Claressa Wilson at the Spirit of Love Center for hosting this event and to KREIA Board Member Alexis Fentress for livestreaming it to Facebook.