Show Me The Money! - May 25th

Mike Fallot Zac Banta Aaron Dawson
Mortgage Man - Mike Fallot United Citizens Bank - Zac Banta Century Mortgage - Darrell DeVore Gateway Mortgage - Aaron Dawson

Main Meeting @ 7:00pm
Everyone needs access to money to fund their deals, so we're bringing the money lenders to you!  This month at KREIA, we'll have private-money lender Mike Fallot from Mortgage Man Funding, Zac Banta from United Citizens Bank, Darrell DeVore from Century Mortgage Company, and Aaron Dawson from Gateway Mortgage.

These lenders will explain how their different financing program work and how they can help you make BIG MONEY in real estate today!

Topics will include:

  • Types of loans you can access for real estate deals
  • What types of loans are best for rehabs and flips versus rentals
  • How to work with multiple banks and lenders to keep the deals going
  • Open Q&A for the audience to ask whatever they like!

Early Meeting @ 5:30pm
Darrell DeVore - Century Mortgage
Financing Options for Your Investments

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