Eviction Article Paints Louisville Landlords in a Harsh Light


Landlords come out looking pretty bad in a Feb. 21 Courier-Journal article that describes a family facing eviction. Read the article online, "The eviction crisis is here: Loopholes let landlords force renters from their homes," for the full story if you don't have a copy of that edition of the paper.

It is always sad when a family loses their home. For most KREIA landlords, eviction is a last resort after many months spent trying to work with residents.

This article should be a wake-up call to better communicate with your residents and to document the many ways you try to help them.

At this writing the article is available to Courier-Journal subscribers only.

A companion article talks about the $22.9 million Louisville has received from the federal Emergency Rental Assistance Program and how your residents can tap into it.

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